Now the only problem is, that High Dynamic Range image is not viewable nor printable on any present day device. So we again use the software to ” Tone Map” that High Dynamic Range Image into a Standard Dynamic Range image (JPEG). I essentially compress that high range image into one viewable and printable by today’s devices.


Thus we now have, what should be, a photograph that represents what our eyes would have seen in those conditions that were present when we shot.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a post-processing technique for combining multiple exposures — with 3rd-party software  — to create images with a wider range of tonal detail. The resulting HDR image is one with more captured detail in both the shadows and highlights. Most digital cameras today capture a very limited range of tonal detail — the range between minimum and maximum light intensities — so that scenes with dramatic differences between highlights and shadows will not be accurately recorded as one sees with the our own eyes.


How I do this is, I shoot 3-7 photographs all at different exposures and then use the software to combine those images into a High Dynamic Range image.

Working with Dragan


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