A cinematic video production featuring walk-throughs and sound track.

Selling a Lifestyle | A cinematic video production featuring walk-throughs and sound track. Selling a Lifestyle | Perhaps not surprisingly, the best performing real estate videos contain people enjoying the lifestyle that is offered with the property.   That makes sense. You’re not just selling a property or a location, you’re selling the lifestyle that goes with it – and the best way to present that lifestyle is to get real people to simulate that lifestyle in your video.


|  Put yourself in the picture!  


People relate to video on an emotional level. Sure, the big rooms look nice and so do the pools and tennis courts etc, but these scenes will look better when they are filled with people enjoying those spaces.

It’s All About Sound and Motion – Get Your Listings Out There!

This is perhaps a lot easier that you think and it can be a lot of fun too. You might have some friends and family that would like to appear in the video or there are plenty of talent agencies out there with lots of candidates just waiting to have their chance in front of the camera.   Having people appear in your real estate video gives you a chance to tell a story. It’s a story about how your life could be, the features of this property that you and your family could enjoy.

All videos are fully compatible with all mobile devices! Videos are also uploaded to web video sites, such as YouTube. All uploads are optimized properly to give your listing maximum exposure on search engine results pages. This gives your property tremendous exposure online as well as considerable exposure for your listing and links to your personal website through Google results.



Build your brand with the best in visual marketing. Let me show you how my extremely affordable Real Estate Video Home Tours can bring maximum exposure to you, as well as your listings.

Dragan Films offers the highest quality in every dimension of digital imaging, video production and creative services to craft an image that will seduce and motivate luxury-minded audiences.

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