A cinematic video production featuring walk-throughs and sound track.

Narated with Music | Includes property and location shots with presentation and/or voice-over. Property + Agent Hosting & Narrative – These videos feature the agent as well as the property. The agent might provide a piece to camera as the introduction before then recording a voice-over for the remainder of the video. Typically the agent will also record an outro and thank the viewer for their attention. This is a more detailed, in depth tour, presented with background music and a full, scripted standard narration creating a mood and 'feel' for the property.

Tours may include various nearby landmarks or features (such as shopping, parks, etc), neighborhood shoots and drive throughs, maps, etc. as well as highlighting standout features of the home, such as upscale pantries, high end appliances, hardwood floor designs, moldings, hardware, columns, water features, etc. All tours include aerial photo and video of the home, if available. Perfect for a average sized home or luxury property. On camera agent introductions are available at no additional cost.

It’s All About Sound and Motion – Get Your Listings Out There!

Online real estate video tour is one of the most powerful yet largely untapped resources available. Properties that are showcased with video are more likely to be inspected and buyers value them higher than other properties. My fully custom and unique property videos are shot and produced in 4K  UHD and are delivered to you as downloadable video files which you can then upload to your favorite video hosting channel such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

All videos are fully compatible with all mobile devices! Videos are also uploaded to web video sites, such as YouTube. All uploads are optimized properly to give your listing maximum exposure on search engine results pages. This gives your property tremendous exposure online as well as considerable exposure for your listing and links to your personal website through Google results.